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The Role of Cooling in Gasoline Generators


In a gasoline generator, the function of cooling is crucial. When operating at high temperatures, the temperature inside the cylinder where fuel burns can reach as high as 1,800 to 2,000 degrees Celsius. This heat, in addition to producing expansion pressure to perform work, can rapidly raise the temperature of components such as the cylinder, piston, and valves, thereby affecting normal operation. When temperatures become excessively high, the incoming air-fuel mixture expands due to heating, reducing its density, which in turn decreases the intake volume, resulting in a reduced output power of the gasoline generator. Moreover, it may lead to spontaneous combustion and detonation. The oil also becomes thinner, deteriorating the lubrication of friction pairs and accelerating component wear. Elevated component temperatures can disrupt the normal working clearances, reduce mechanical strength, cause component deformation, and in severe cases, lead to incidents like seizure and cylinder expansion.

To avoid these drawbacks, it is essential for gasoline generators to have a cooling system to ensure proper operation. However, more cooling is not always better, as excessive cooling can increase fuel consumption, result in significant heat loss, and reduce power output, causing the machine to operate abnormally. Therefore, the degree of cooling should be balanced and appropriate. Its primary role is to dissipate excess heat generated during machine operation, ensuring that all components maintain their normal operating temperatures.

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