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Drivelong Shines at Canton Fair, Achieving Great Success!




    The 135th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) was grandly held at the Pazhou International Exhibition Center in Guangzhou, China from June 15th to 29th, 2024. As a leading global provider of green energy solutions, Drivelong actively participated in the exhibition, joining hands with innovative technology to bring new green energy solutions to global users, achieving great success.

   Showcasing High-Efficiency Solar Products to Promote Clean Energy Development

   Drivelong highlighted its high-efficiency solar products at the Canton Fair, including solar panels, solar generators, and solar chargers. These products adopt advanced technology and feature high conversion efficiency, long service life, and easy installation, making them highly sought-after by global users.

    Drivelong solar panels utilize monocrystalline silicon cells, boasting a conversion efficiency of up to 22%, effectively maximizing solar energy utilization and providing users with cleaner and more reliable power supply. Drivelong solar generators are compact, lightweight, and portable, making them ideal for outdoor activities and emergency power supply. Drivelong solar chargers can power mobile phones, tablets, and other electronic devices, serving as essential tools for green travel and outdoor work.  Demonstrating Intelligent Energy Storage Solutions to Create a Safe and Reliable Power Supply

     Drivelong also showcased its intelligent energy storage solutions, including home energy storage systems, commercial energy storage systems, and microgrid systems. These solutions can store renewable energy sources such as solar and wind power and release them when needed, providing users with a safe and reliable power supply.

Drivelong Shines at Canton Fair, Achieving Great Success! 1

    Drivelong home energy storage systems ensure a stable power supply for households, even during power outages. Drivelong commercial energy storage systems help businesses reduce electricity costs and improve energy efficiency. Drivelong microgrid systems integrate distributed power sources, enabling self-management and utilization of energy. Providing Professionalized Technical Services to Meet Diverse Needs

Drivelong boasts a professional technical team and a comprehensive service system, capable of offering professional technical services and solutions to global users, catering to their diverse needs. Drivelong's technical services encompass:

    Product consultation and selection System design and installation After-sales service and maintenance  Technical training and support . Drivelong is dedicated to providing global users with high-quality green energy solutions, promoting clean energy development, and working together to create a better future.

Drivelong's successful participation in the Canton Fair fully demonstrated its leading strength in the green energy sector, while also bringing more high-quality products and services to global users. Undoubtedly, Drivelong will continue to innovate and develop in the future, providing global users with even cleaner and more reliable green energy  solutions.

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